Cancellations & Returns

IMPORTANT: We strongly advise you to order a sample of the card you are interested in to ensure you are pleased with the quality of product.  Personalized items are not the subject of refund - as soon as you changed your mind after the order is already printed with your personal details we will not be able to sell these products to somebody else. However there are some exceptions to the rule – please read them below.  

Customer approved errors or typos

We cannot accept returns or process refunds due to errors on approved proofs, regardless of where the error originated. We do our best to call attention to any errors we may see during the proofing process, however final proofing is ultimately the responsibility of the client. Once approved, your stationery will be printed exactly as shown in the final proofs. Should you find an error on your stationery - let us know. If your ready stationery does not match your approved proof, please contact us immediately and we will reprint the affected cards free of charge.  

Colors and computer monitors

We do not accept returns because your printed stationery does not match the colors you see on screen. This is because all monitors display color in a different way. If you are concerned about color, we strongly recommend ordering a sample.  

Cancelling an order after proofs are received

For orders that require proofs, there is a cancellation fee of 25% or £100, whichever is greater, in case you cancel your order AFTER your proofs have been emailed. It is a fee for the time we spend designing your personalized proofs. Once completed, that part of the order cost cannot be refunded.
If you are unhappy with your proofs for any reason, let us know immediately. Our designers are dedicated to providing the excellent design. If something does not suit you, our designers are always eager to work with you until you are satisfied.

Cancelling an order after the approval

We may or may not be able to cancel your order after it has been approved for printing. Should you need to cancel, please contact us asap. If your order has not yet gone into production, we may be able to cancel it and process your refund less the design costs, as detailed in the previous section. If your order has completed the printing process, we will not be able to cancel and refund your order.
All the artwork for the invitations is free. However we will ask you to pay £50 deposit for the work with such complicated and time-consuming mock-ups as multi-paged order of service (more than 4 printed pages) and direction maps. The deposit will be deducted from the total sum of your order. As soon as you decide to cancel your order the deposit for this work will not be refunded.   

Returning samples

We cannot accept returns on samples. Samples are a way to estimate our cards in person. If you decide to use another vendor or do not like the sample, that is not a reason for a return. If you received the wrong sample, please contact us and we will correct our mistake. We will also refund the samples that are temporarily out of stock.

Missing/Damaged Items

In case of missing or damaged items/details or the shortfall in quantity, the term for the customers' complaints consideration is 7 business days after the order receipt. Should you notice the incomplete quantity of the wedding stationery delivered or the defective items, please contact us asap. The customers' complaints regarding the incomplete shipment of wedding cards or missing/damaged details, submitted to us later than 7 business day term after the delivery date won't be considered.