All of our styles have been carefully chosen to create balanced and unique designs. Polina Perri designers offer 10 beautiful font styles to be applied to your wording.

1 - High Style

This contrasting combination of two different fonts, very elegant and expressive. Can be applied to all the cards from Luxury, Classic and Vintage collections. Creates dramatic and expensive look.

2 - Elegant Lettering

So beloved by our designers for its elegant simplicity and fine readability. Well-balanced, not too curly and absolutely unique – it is a precious stone in our toolbox! Could be applied anywhere – on the classic luxury or vintage styled cards, or even on funny invitations.

Wedding Wording - Elegant Lettering - Polina Perri

3 - Delightful

The style is combination of a curly whimsically handwritten calligraphy and an immaculate formal script. Perfect choice for vintage/ retro styled weddings.

Wedding Wording - Delightful - Polina Perri

4 - Black Tie

All caps titling font, formal and masculine like groom’s tuxedo contrasts with the delicate and feminine calligraphic script. The best background for this combination is a white card.

Wedding Wording - Black Tie - Polina Perri

5 - Vogue

An extravagant way to convey your invitation in clear and fashionable manner. Style was copied from the ‘VOGUE’ fashion magazine. The substantial stems of this font are flowing into extremely thin hairlines. The serifs are straight across with virtually no bracketing. Mainly intended for Crème Deluxe,  5th Avenue and Splendor White cards, however could be also applied on other cards.

Wedding Wording - Pure Classics - Polina Perri

6 - American Style

13 - Charleston Style

7 - Calligraphic

Graceful curves and elaborate flourishes of this font style convey a sense of charm, elegance and eternal beauty. Fine for any wedding cards.

Wedding Wording - Calligraphic - Polina Perri

8 - Vintage Spirit

It is a new whimsically handwritten calligraphy script with a modern, hand-lettered touch. There are many fun swashes to give headings a little something extra. Intended for Vintage Collection.

Wedding Wording - Vintage Spirit - Polina Perri

9 - Majestic

An emotional and lyrical calligraphic typeface. Its appearance was influenced by the look of writing with a steel point pen which can be pushed as well as pulled, and which produces stroke contrast when pressure upon it is varied.

Wedding Wording - Majestic - Polina Perri

10 - Once Upon a Time

Add some magic to your scrolls! Old styled script brings your wording in the times of fairy-tales. Ideal fits the designs of Scroll Manuscript, Celtic Pattern, Pearl Border, Royal Standard.

Wedding Wording - Once Upon a Time - Polina Perri

11 - Nice&Easy

This elegant yet playful script will be an ideal accomplishment of any card. Especially fine for Funny Collection.

Wedding Wording - NiceEasy - Polina Perri

12 - Ascot

Wedding Wording Ascot PolinaPerri

14 - Infinity

If you still feel that you need something different feel free to write us with your suggestions.

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