Payment options

Polina Perry payment procedure and options available.

Polina Perri webstore offers easy, swift and secure payment procedure for our Customers. When you place an order on our website, you will get a number of payment options to select for your convenience. Some of these options are automatic, while others require your further participation. To be sure you select the most appropriate payment method, please, read the following:

Online Ordering

Placing your order with us, you go to the description page of the wedding invitation and/or wedding stationery item(s), enter the quantity of items and additional services, if required, and press 'PERSONALIZE & ORDER' button. You will be automatically redirected to the 'Personalization Page'. Having completed customization of your wedding invitations and/or wedding stationery, you press 'Save & Add to Bag' button and are redirected to the 'Shopping Bag'.

If you want to order blank wedding invitations, skip Personalization page and press directly 'Save & Add to Bag' button to get to the  'Shopping Bag'. 

In the 'Shopping Bag' you will see your order number, the list of all products and services you ordered with their  quantities (you may edit the quantity right here) and prices as well as the total weight of your parcel. If you make the order within the UK, the UK destination is set by default. If your destination country is other than the UK, please select the destination country from the 'Worldwide' drop-down list. Having input these details, you come to the payment method.

Under the line 'CHOOSE THE METHOD OF PAYMENT' the 'CARD OR PAYPAL ACCOUNT' option is set by default:


To proceed with this payment option, you need to fill in 3 required fields: 

Having entered your personal details & contact data and pressing 'CHECKOUT' button, you will be redirected to the secured PayPal page. Here you can select how to pay:

- via your PayPal account (if you have it). To make the payment through your PayPal account, please, enter your email address, your password and log in. When the transaction is done, you will get the confirmation by email.

NOTE! You don't need to create a PayPal account if you don't have it! 

The PayPal page gives you the possibility to pay with your debit or credit card. To make this payment, please, select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option. Enter your card details in the fields and complete the payment procedure. The sum will be charged automatically when you make a payment, and you'll get the email confirmation.

Please, note: This payment can be done with Visa Classic, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express cards. All your card details are sent through Secure PayPal Gateway. No personal data/payment information is stored by our website.

In the 'Shopping Bag' there is another payment method you may opt fot, that is


Choose this option if you want to pay via bank (online banking, bank transfer, bank remittance). When you select this payment method, enter your shipping details & contact data and press 'CHECKOUT' button. You will be redirected to the confirmation page. The invoice will be sent to you by email within the next 24 hours.

You can pay this invoice via online banking service. You will make a payment to Polina Perri directly from your bank account using the details from the invoice. otherwise you can print it out and go to the nearst branch of your bank to make a transfer of funds.

Any payment option you choose, you can be absolutely sure that you will get the excellent servicing with individual touch & attention to detail and premium quality product for your Big Day.

If your online payment fails for any reason, please,  contact our Customer Support 020 8123 7371 | 020 3286 1577, e-mail:
We are always happy to provide you assistance.