Wedding Gown Wedding Invitations

    Wedding Gown Wedding Invitations

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    Wedding Gown
    as low as £1.46

    The 'Wedding Gown' wedding invitations have a distinctively outlined wedding idea. The details of the groom's tuxedo with a 3D collar and varnished bridal gown embossed with the pearlescent varnish. The card is folded and fine long wordings. On the open edge of the invitation the initials of the bride and groom could be placed. Matching envelopes are enclosed.
    • SIZE - 13.5x19.5 cm
    • DENSITY OF PAPER - 250 gsm
    What is in the price:
    • Main card
    • Envelope
    • Free printing of Cards
    • Any language

    Wedding Gown per pc
    To print guests' names per pc
    Main envelope printing per pc
    Seal per pc

    £ 51.00
    Sample: £ 1.7

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