This collection was inspired by the beauty and versatility of oriental culture, in which marriage is considered as a very sacred event with a deep meaning behind it. The sophisticated elegance of our wedding invitations will help to set the ultimate tone of your Big Day and make a long-lasting impression on the minds of your guests.
Every culture has certain prerequisites for wedding invitations, but there is one common trait that unites all the cards in this range – they all are intricately handcrafted with extreme attention to every detail by highly skilled artisans using the premium quality materials.
All designs are made of the highest quality cardboard with lustrous, velvet or metallic finish. The refined beauty of the materials is gently accentuated by the exquisite décor – gorgeous brooches with rhinestones, charming silky tassels, design paper appliques. Each element purports to add a distinctiveness and spark to your wedding ceremony.  Even the choice of colour tonalities carries a certain symbolism - gold and burgundy colours emblematize health, life energy, prosperity, passion and love.
The enduring beauty of design papers and the finest laser cut patterns is emphasized with a delicate personal touch – Polina Perri studio offers personalization of the wedding invitations on any language of your choice. Of course, this does not mean that our personnel speaks all the languages, but if you email us your wording in a pdf file, we will be able to adjust it for printing.  We are also aware that for the Islamic wedding cards religious symbols and prayers are crucial. Therefore, our Muslim wedding invitations can feature traditional symbols and verses from Koran.
The Indian wedding invitations may be adorned with the conventional Hindu motifs creating a unique and artistic design, that will reflect your genuine taste.
Another important step in customization of your wedding cards is the printing process. The print of our cards may be performed by the digital method, by means of foil stamping or using the combination of both. Each method has its own merits and is suitable to a particular invitation card. The proficient assistance of our experts will help to create a unique design that will be a brilliant amalgamation of time-honored culture, creativity and style.
The final step to outline the uniqueness of your wedding invitations is the way you present them to your guests. Polina Perri studio provides a wide range of options for the cards from Orient Collection.
If you intend to send your invites to the addressees by post, the cards will be supplied with the matching design envelopes. The envelopes may be imprinted with the guest addresses to save your time and highlight the invitation among other correspondence. If you prefer to hand your invitations in person, the cards may be accompanied either with elegant bags with foil stamped vignette or with refined boxes, available in belted and ribbon variations.
And of course, for those who wish to add a little more spark to their wedding celebration, Polina Perri will be pleased to provide the matching accessories ranging from place cards, menu cards, table numbers etc. You will be excited with the exceptional quality of each our product.
Contact us right now to start the work on your flawless wedding stationery!

Orient Collection