Place Cards

Polina Perri design studio offers a wide choice of fancy wedding stationery to address every aspect of your wedding.

Place cards are indispensable part of the wedding banquet/reception. Traditionally, a place card is put on the table to indicate the seat assigned to a particular guest. Besides its informative function it serves a part of bigger “wedding theme”. In particular, place card style shall be in accord with the rest of wedding stationery.

Polina Perri boasts its elegant place cards collection; our thoughtfully designed cards will perfectly match wedding invitation sets presented at our site:
- luxury,
- classic,
- vintage ones.
Our folded place cards have standard dimensions 5.5 x 12 cm. They are presented in two major colours: white and ivory to match cool-toned and warm-toned wedding invitation sets respectively.

Each card, however, has its own particular hue, finish and decorative elements, that make it unique. Polina Perri place cards are matte and shimmery, decorated with embossed framing and edging, with glittery motifs or with delicate pearlescent ornaments. We provide our customers with a beautiful variety of elegant place cards to meet their highest expectations.

We offer personalization services for place cards, i.e. guest names printing. Customers send us the guest names list. 

Our experts consult the clients as regards to the best matching font style and colours. Polina Perri is justifiably proud of its fast-speed electron proof service:

our designers develop and send electron mock-ups within 24-hour period!

Besides, place card proofs are made in 3 different versions. You will see how your place cards will look like and decide on the style that you like most. Chic and elegant cards, made of premium quality cardstock and decorated with the refined taste will become a perfect accent to the wedding table.  

Place cards