RSVP Cards

Wedding etiquette implies the usage of RSVP cards, i.e. reply cards provided together with the wedding invitation. RSVP is the acronym of the French phrase “Repondez s'il-vous plait” that means “Please, kindly reply”.  RSVP cards permit your guests to accept or decline your invitation, as well as inform you any relevant information: the number of persons attending, dietary requirements, any special requirements.

The RSVP card is a powerful tool of wedding planning: receiving your guests' replies you may rearrange the guest list and adjust it to the number of persons who confirmed their attendance. Alongside with its practical meaning, RSVP card became a part of the traditional wedding invitation kit. It gives full scope for the artist's imagination, permitting our designers to create small masterpieces of fine stationery that coordinate with the main wedding invitation.
You will definitely find a match for any wedding card design in our collection of RSVP cards. It encompasses all colours and textures used in modern wedding stationery: ivory and white, gold and silver accents, matte and shimmery, embossed and decorated with 3-D frame, etc.

We propose our clients the range of elegant, high-style reply cards that will be a beautiful add-on to the wedding invitation to make a unique kit. Our RSVP cards are made of high quality paper, folded, they have the standard size 9 x 12 cm, each RSVP card is provided with complementary design envelopes of matching size. To make your invitees' response even more convenient, we can offer printing of your return address on RSVP envelope.

Order RSVP cards and get them personalized in 24 hours!

Our speedy personalization service is the particular highlight of the Polina Perri design studio. While placing your order, when you are directed to the personalization page, choose the font style and colours you want to use for the main text and accents; put your RSVP card wording and inform us any other requirements. The electron proof of your RSVP card will be ready in 24-hour period and sent for your approval. Besides, you may always receive a comprehensive consulting of our graphic designers. Polina Perri's primary focus is our customers: special attention and personal touch are guaranteed.  

Rsvp cards