Vintage Wedding Invitations from Polina Perri TM

Inspired by the culture of 20-60s, as well as by Belle Epoch Vintage Wedding Invitations by Polina Perri TM boast all sweet details of a retro epoch while still remaining timeless and classic. The Vintage Wedding Invitations Collection combines such lovely elements as delicate bows, lacy patterns, tiny pearls and stylish vignettes - everything that makes the cards look so nostalgic and charming. Vintage wedding invitations have a strongly emotional design and evoke feelings of nostalgia and sweet memories.

Whether these are exquisite laser cut wedding invitations inspired by lace patterns or any of sweet and charming Charleston invites, featuring the signature swash font- these cards make a story and therefore leave a strong first impression.

Polina Perri Vintage Collection comprises luxurious laser cut wedding invitations (Coral Laser Cut, Ivory Laser Cut and Tiffany Laser Cut) whose paper lace design is easily associated with the wedding theme, taking a traditionally vintage lace motif to the new height of artistry. The laser cut gatefold cover of milky matte quality paper is outlined with soft pastels (ivory, coral pink and Tiffany teal hue) with a shimmery finish. The delicate satin ribbon of coordinating colour ties white laser cut flaps of the cover, underling the beauty of the filigree openwork, and making the whole with pastel inserts.

In the vintage style, bright colors are avoided, they are limited to some details, which have to attract the attention: color of a ribbon or font. The most popular vintage colors are: grayish green, teal, dusky rose, coral, spring yellow, dark chocolate. All the cards in Polina Perri Vintage Collection are presented in the neutral color scheme; the color accents are applied by request.
Polina Perri vintage collection boasts Fancy Lace invitations, that also features a trendy laser cut lace motif, presented on the front panel, attached to the main folded card. The fantastic colour play and magnificent lace motif create stunning vintage wedding invitations:
Fancy Lace Gold – ivory front panel on the shiny gold background;
Fancy Lace Ivory – both the front panel and the card are made of ivory pearlescent card stock, achieving the airy effect of the lace pattern;
Fancy Lace Blush, that combines ivory background with delicate blush pink front panel.
The Fancy Lace vintage wedding invitations have another prominent feature – the central part of these cards, outlined with laser cut motif, provides a special accent on the bride and groom's names, the couple's initials and other wedding information placed there.

The extravagant and truly vintage Charleston wedding invitations are proudly displayed in Polina Perri collection of vintage wedding invitations. These cards feature inspiring trend: signature swash font, that turns these cards in the masterpiece of fine stationery. The premium materials used for the creation of these cards, add their quality and give irresistible charm: two-layered dense card stock in two combinations (shiny gold base + pearlescent ivory top layer) and (shiny gold base + shimmery white top). The ribbon with elegant vintage brooch decorates the center of the card. The Charleston set comprises 6 vintage wedding invitations: Charleston Gold, Charleston Light Blue, Charleston Burgundy, Charleston Red, Charleston Royal Blue and Charleston White.
Another vintage wedding invitation, Sophie Eve, was inspired by the 19th century Victorian style. The character traits of this style – natural off-white lace against the shimmery ivory background, a satin bow of a a coordinating cream colour and a pearl decoration. Simplicity of form emphasizes the delicacy of design, creating a sweet invitation perfect for your vintage wedding.

The cards inspired by the opulent Orient are also presented in our Vintage Collection. They are Vintage Clutch and Vintage Frame vintage wedding invitations. The Vintage Frame card features a signature Damask pattern in blush outlined with figure gold frame. The Vintage Clutch wedding invitation represents everything we dream about when we think of the Oriental charm – Arabic ornamental accents in gold, sophisticated and intricate design and lavish general look, laving your guests impressed.

The Tulle patterns are used in retro invites, inspired by the extravagant style of the Roaring Twenties. The signature traits of this era's style were used to create elegantly chic clutch-shaped Pearl & Tulle retro cards represented in three colours: Pearl & Tulle Tiffany, Pearl & Tulle Blush Pink, Pearl & Tulle Ivory. Translucent clutch featuring delicate tulle pattern with a pearl grip contains a shimmery insert with the invitation wording printed on it.

Polina Perri provides  unique speedy servicing -  an electron mock-up of your invitation will be ready within 24 HOURS after your order is placed!