Wedding Invitation Boxes

When your personalized wedding invitations are ready, the next important step is proper presentation of the invites to your guests. Tough all our wedding cards are provided with matching design envelopes, Polina Perri has a special offer to make your invitations look even more unique and add a personal touch – boxes for wedding cards.

To hand out wedding invites in matching boxes is a trendy option that we offer to our customers, try it and you will see - the effect is stunning. Your guests will be impressed with this high-style presentation.

Our wedding invitation boxes are presented in 2 most popular colours: white and ivory to match the colour scheme of the invites displayed on our site.

The boxes are made of dense quality paper with a delicate, shimmery finish, that emphasizes their simple and elegant design. 

The custom size of the wedding invitation boxes is 15.7 x 15.7 cm to fit in the majority of the wedding invitations produced by our design studio, but we have also ivory pearlescent box of 20.5 x 20.5 cm size to fit in the invitations of larger size. Polina Perri wedding invitation boxes give a unique finich touch to the wedding cards and create amazing style.

The price or the box includes:
- "pearlescent boxes"  themselves;

"ribbon with customizable paper tag" - elegant satin ribbon of matching colour (ivory or white) to tie the box is provided with a small tag that can be customized upon your discretion with your wedding monogram, the couple's initials or matching decorative motif;
- “belt for box” printable paper band made of the quality cardstock; the coordinate belt has the same colour and pearlescent finish as the box for cards. Our site offers belt for boxes of two major colours – white and ivory. The belt is adjusted to the box' cover. The belt for box gives unlimited options for personalization of your boxes! We can print the couple's names or initials, the wedding monogram, the date of wedding and the wedding venue – you can choose whatever you want!

- "lining paper for boxes" - boxed wedding invitations look classy and very refined, especially when accompanied with the translucent tissue paper used to line the invitation card in the box. This small detail gives your boxed invitation a finished look, it reminds a precious gift that your guest needs to unwrap and find what's inside. This will be definitely an exciting experience for your guests!

The additional service we offer together with the wedding invitation boxes is: 
- “assembling of the boxes” – thus you will get your boxes assembled by our experts and your invitations already carefully placed inside.

We offer FREE printing of Belt for Boxes & FREE customization of paper TAG.

Our coordinate boxes for cards are offered in the list of matching items provided on the individual page with the wedding invite' description; but, if you want to order the boxes separately or you decided to buy them after you received the invitations, you can always visit this page and select the box you want.

Polina Perri is oriented on very demanding clientele. To meet the highest demands of our customers, we design the premium quality stationery, that will satisfy the most sophisticated taste! Get our luxury wedding accessories to perfectly outline your unique invitations.

Wedding invitation boxes are the simpliest way to make your invites stand out and be remarkable, this small detail make the wedding card look complete and chic.

Wedding Invitation Boxes