Wedding Menu

Polina Perri design studio focuses on the all-propose wedding stationery, that will address every aspect of your wedding. Besides wedding invitations, we offer luxury wedding menu brochures coordinated in style with our best selling luxury wedding sets: Virginia and White Virginia, Amelia, Silver Vivaldi and Gold Vivaldi, Vintage Frame, Diamond & Veil, Sophie, Imperial Style. All elegant details of these styles are kept in the design of wedding menu brochures. We use the top-quality shimmering cardboard, opulent appliques and refined rhinestone embellishments that will convey all the importance of the event to your guests.
Wedding menu is an indispensable part of your wedding reception table, it can be provided individually for each guest or one for each table, if you have a number of separate tables. Wedding menu in complementary style with the rest of your wedding stationery creates the refined atmosphere for your wedding banquet.  
Wedding menus are booklets of 10 x 20 cm size. Custom number of pages is 4, but if you need to expand the number of pages, we offer additional pages at favorable price. The additional pages of menu brochures will be professionally stapled and cut to one size.

Your menu can be enlarged up to 40 pages. No other wedding stationery boutique will provide such a service with the minimum quantity of just 20 cards.

Polina Perri provides personalisation services that will add your individual touch to the wedding menu booklets: our experts will help you to develop the wedding monogram and use it throughout the whole wedding stationery set, including the cover page of the wedding menu. You can also opt for your couple's initials to decorate the cover page of the Wedding Menu. 

We help to select the font style and colour combinations to match your wedding colour scheme. Usually the same font is applied for all wedding stationery, starting from wedding invites up to Thank You cards.
If you want to replace the custom brooch with another one or use the satin ribbon of the colour not presented on our site, we will offer you this customization service to make your wedding menu the real masterpiece of the fine stationery.
Our wedding stationery design studio boasts is speedy service policy -

the electron mock-up is ready within 24 HOURS after you placed the order!

We make your special day our main priority and will never print anything less than perfection, that will emphasize the magnitude of your special day.

Wedding Menu