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No doubts wedding invitations get the primary focus of our customers, but wedding stationery  is not limited to the invites only. The main information is given in the invite, however, if you want your guests to be 100% involved in the church ceremony (which is the high point of your big day) - hand out the Order of Service brochures.
Hymns printed in Order of Service will help your guests to follow the religious ceremony.
Wedding Menu is also an indispensable part of a high-style wedding reception, that can be provided individually (for each guest) or to each table.
Polina Perri presents luxury Order of Service brochures and Menu booklets.
To meet the high demands of our customers, we have designed wedding brochures to match our best selling luxury sets:
Ivory Virginia and White Virginia;
Silver Vivaldi and Gold Vivaldi;
Imperial Style;
The original design is maintained throughout the whole set, so you can order a wedding brochure that fully coordinates with the rest of your wedding stationery.

Polina Perri wedding brochure has 10 x 20 cm size, the front cover features the signature design of a particular wedding set (for example, Virginia set). The custom number of pages is 8 for an Order of Service and 4 for a Wedding Menu. Polina Perri wedding brochures are very adaptable - upon your request we can add up to 40 pages for a reasonable price!
We boast that our wedding brochures are professionally stapled, so they look classy and neat. They are manually manufactured, thus our experts give a human touch to every brochure, while their high expertise and meticulous work result in high end product that we proudly offer you.
Polina Perri graphic designers are here to help you with brochures' presonalization: send us the text of your program/menu, and they will design the most favorable layout. Usually the customers choose the font and calligraphy applied in their wedding invitations, since a font style makes a statement of its own and helps to maintain the style chosen. 
If you want to incorporate your wedding monogram/initials, the cover of Order of Service/Menu is the most appropriate place to put it.
The electron mock-up is sent for the customer's approval. No printing is done until you are fully satisfied.