Posted by Polina Perri on 24th Sep 2017

15 inspiring wedding invitations you won't miss

With the help of wedding invitations you actually make an introduction to your special day.  The invite  gives a clue to your guests, implying the style of the future event, its format and degree of formality, the " spirit" of your future wedding.

What message do you want to communicate to your guests? Your wedding - what it will be like? From highly formal to sweet romantic  - you can reveal the idea to your friends  without saying a word - using our luxury wedding invitations suitable for your unique case. 

Formal Style wedding 
To inform your guests about formal style of your wedding you can include a line reading: black tie, formal style, etc. But the idea can be also reflected in accents like the wedding invitations. As this style implies simplicity and symmetry combined with the grandeur of classicism - our wedding invitations of square and rectangular shape outlined with decorative framings will perfectly convey the idea: Creme Deluxe, Imperial Style, New Satin, Imperial Eve





Classic wedding 

Classic means classy, not dull or ordinary! If you choose to follow the traditions and to make the classic wedding ceremony  - avoid extremities, combine the well-working wedding ideas with your unique vision - and the result will be astonishing. Our luxury wedding invitations with their clear-cut lines, thought out design and traditional colours are the perfect match for your classic wedding: White Virginia and Ivory Virginia 



Rustic/Provence wedding 
Natural, simple and romantic wedding in an easy, laid-back atmosphere - one of the top wedding trends that inspires couples nowadays. This wedding style suggests the use of floral accents, natural muted colours, countryside details to create a relaxed, carefree feeling : try our Lilac Virginia, Purple Madeline, Rustic Romance wedding invitations created to convey the nature-inspired romance.



Boho Style wedding 
Bohemiam Chic style is the best choice those creative couples who want to make a unique event. This unconventional, inventive theme gives unlimited space for your fantasy. Take the full advantage of boho style and start with unique wedding invitations: our Sophie, Amelia, Sophe Eve and Madeline with their lace details, satin shimmery surfaces, stylish appliques and vintage brooches embody the bohemian chic. 





Hollywood glam wedding 
Though highly criticized for its extremities in an extravagance Glamour wedding can be the icon of style if you know to limit yourself and not to overdo with decorations. Its lavishness should be kept in check. However, the best way to tell your friends that glamour is your wedding style is to say it by means of its essence colour - gold. Gold hues are so chic and elegant, if used properly. Our Luxury collection boasts two Gold wedding cards in glamour style: Gold Vivaldi and Gold Virginia. On these cards gold is outlined with diamond brooches to make the sumptuous look, yet the red line is not crossed.