Posted by Polina Perri on 21st Sep 2017

2015 wedding dresses trends 
Every girl and woman dreams to get married. Every is a bold exaggeration, let's say the overwhelming majority dreams about marriage and the big day. Which wedding dress to choose – a puffy or a fitted one? What are the hottest trends of 2015 wedding fashion? This article addresses fancy and fashion-conscious brides who keep path with modern fashion trends and adore fresh ideas.

Tempting volume of puff skirts
Leafing trough the numerous catalogs of top designers, we cannot but marvel the endless variety of wedding dresses. White is gradually losing its title of number one wedding color. The world of fashion managed to incorporate even the brightest and the most unexpected hues to the modern wedding palette, creating new and exciting combinations. The most popular wedding wear brands boast perfect lace, the most delicate satin, impeccable silk and sumptuous chiffon. 

The top fashion trend nowadays is narrow corsets combined with volume puff skirts, the colour choice is not limited to the snow-white only. Puffy wedding dresses will flatted any girl regardless her body type. You need to choose the correct wedding dress. The corset flattens the belly, emphasizes and raises the bust, thus making the bride's body look curvy and tempting. Any girl wearing such dress will feel herself a princess. Another hot trend of 2015 wedding fashion is multilayered skirts made of airy weightless tulle. And forget about drapery or flower decor! Nowadays pure tulle itself is a fashion trend. 

A puffy skirt with delicate lace edging has an elegant and chic look. 2015 is the year of purity and boundless tenderness. To reflect these notions fashion designers resort to the white colour. Sadly, but red, pink and blue have lost their leading positions this year. White color is extremely versatile. 
Its most trendy hues are:
- pristine white;
- champagne;
- milk;
- ivory.
Wedding dresses in Retro and vintage style don't leave the top charts of fashion trends and stay popular among fashion-forwarded brides. No wonder, any girl would be eager to put on the 19th century masterpiece. Vintage dresses look unique and chic, with their help it's so easy to create a noble, romantic atmosphere. 19th century dresses are created to emphasize the solemnity of the church ceremony. 

Narrow and short
The mermaid style wedding dress has reached the peak of its popularity. This tight fitting dress can be decorated with lace or draped with lace or satin edging. Low-cut back of the wedding dress outlines a subtle beauty of the bride's silhouette. Attention is paid to edge decorations - beads, sequins and lace play a significant role. Meanwhile transformer dresses lose their popularity, though the wedding shops still display them. Short puffy wedding dresses – knee-cut and a little bit lower - are echo of the last century 50-ties, the fashion trend that demonstrates the unprecedented growing tendency. These are the wedding dresses our trendy brides opt for.