Posted by Polina Perri on 21st Sep 2017

How to care about a wedding ring?

A wedding ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but also a thing dear to your heart. You want it to please the eye and indulge your soul for many years. The correct care and delicate attitude will help to meet your expectations. A majority of newlyweds opts for gold wedding rings. Gold is rather soft and plastic material, especially the gold 750 carats fine and higher. Taking this into consideration, you should protect the gold ring against physical impact. Take off your wedding ring if you are going to hammer nails, to play sports or mountaineer. 

Iodine is the most dangerous agent for gold jewelry. It leaves brown traces on the metal which are very difficult to clean. If you are going to use iodine, take off your wedding ring first. 
It is better to take off the wedding ring while you do the house cleaning. Chemicals used in household cleaning products may have a negative impact on the metal shine – the jewelry surface becomes dull. Besides, cleaning the house you can easily scratch the ring's surface. 
If you regularly take off the wedding ring, you risk to lose it. To prevent it, get a special jewel-box. Thus, you will be sure that your ring is in a safe place and it won't be lost. 

Diamonds are even more sensitive and whimsical. Diamond rings should be taken off if you are going to take sunbed session or to get suntanned on the beach. This precious gemstone cannot withstand high temperatures, and it can even get "suntanned" — it acquires a crust that can be removed by the recurrent gem-cutting only. It is generally known that diamond is the firmest mineral. But don't you test it to destruction! In some cases, the physical impact on this gemstone may cause the occurrence of microchips or cracks. Invisible at first sight, however, they will gradually destroy the gem stone. 

A wedding ring is a daily use piece of jewelry. That's why we cannot totally protect it from all external hazards. Here are some tips how to bring the shine back to your wedding ring. However, be careful if your wedding ring has a diamond, since not all of them work well on diamond jewelry. 

To clean a wedding ring at home, use:
• Soap solution (do not use laundry soap) and a flannel swap. Dissolve soap or shampoo in lukewarm water. Put a piece of jewelry in the solution for five minutes, then wipe it off with a soft flannel swap. 
• Dilute solution of vodka or household ammonia. Put your wedding ring in the solution for a couple of minutes, then take out and leave to dry. If there is still a dirt that hides in the ring's pattern, clean it with the help of a cotton bud. 
• Special jewelry cleaner for home use. You can buy it in the jewelry store or a workshop. 

Substances dangerous to diamonds and diamond jewelry are: 
• Abrasive agents, for example, sodium bicarbonate
• Chlorine
• Vinegar
• Potassium permanganate (manganese solution)
• Hydrogen peroxide 

Avoid using rough sponge or a toothbrush with firm bristles – you risk to scratch your piece of jewelry. Once in half a year or year take your wedding ring to the jeweler for ultrasonic cleaning. The expert will not only return the magnificent shine to your ring, but also check the state of the gem stone fixation if needed.