Posted by Polina Perri on 21st Sep 2017

Tips for Brides: 7 mistakes to avoid 


Wedding planning is not only finance and time consuming , but also a stressful experience.  And usually the bride becomes the main target of this stress. As she gets nervous, she can also destroy the holiday mood of people around her, including her husband-to-be and friends.  Not to break down with your surrounding on the eve of the wedding and not to spoil  this long cherished, carefully planned big day the bride should know the common mistakes that she should avoid.


1. To scorch the groom for being inattentive before the wedding. He made you the proposal to spend the rest of your life together, but  he didn't promise to be with you every single minute, to forget about his work, relatives and friends. Give him freedom and privacy, and loosen your grip on him.


2. To use every spare moment of your time with friends to discuss the future ceremony. The practice shows that after a week of these endless discussions even your closest and faithful friends will be tired and start avoiding you. There are no doubts that the bride passes through a tough period before the wedding, trying to make sure everything is impeccable,  but it's not an excuse that allows you to  forget about any other subjects you normally discuss with your friends. Stay sociable.  Your friends are most likely to have their own problems which they want to discuss, and your wedding is not their number one concern. 

3. Not to consult your bridesmaids before choosing their dresses. Make sure that your wishes coincide with their vision. Every person is unique, and  she knows better the particularities of her figure, physique and features. If the bridesmaids should by all means be dressed in  the coordinated colors or dresses of the same design, the style and color shall be carefully picked up to suit each bridesmaid.


4. To make a hen party the last evening before a wedding. Though wedding traditions recommend that you do so, but it made sense only in the ancient times. Young girls gathered the last evening before wedding to make the ceremony of farewell to the unmarried life and to prepare the wife-to-be for the future family life.  But they definitely didn't dance all night long on in the night clubs. The next morning you should be fresh and beautiful, after a crazy party it is extremely difficult to achieve it.

5. To follow all traditions and rites which the newlyweds are believed should follow. A half of them lost their sacral meaning a long time ago. And, secondly,  if you are afraid of bad luck for not following them – the very thought will depress you. You cannot protect yourself from everything, believe me, it is silly  to spoil your mood in such day only because of an insignificant case in which you saw an omen of misfortune.


6. To make the wedding shoes “something new”. As you know, the option “something new' may become a disaster when applied to footwear.  Many brides make the common mistake – they put a new pair of shoes for the whole wedding day. The result are typically  wounded feet and the brides' tears are caused not by  happiness or solemnity of the moment. It's good advice to wear the shoes in advance, pain and bloody heels is the worst thing one can imagine at a wedding. 


7. Organizing a wedding celebration is troublesome, but it doesn't mean that you can vent your anger on your relatives, the groom and friends. Thus, they will  get frustrated and turn away from you. You shouldn't go overboard with your hassle and get obsessed with understandable problems. In the end everything will be all right and the wedding will take place regardless  all nerves. Save your nerves for your  future family life.