Chantilly Lace Wedding Invitations

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Sample of Chantilly Lace Wedding Invitations

The exclusive couture concept of Chantilly lace wedding invitations strikes with their delicate yet irresistible French charm. The finest pattern of famous Chantilly lace is embossed with remarkable precision. The pattern is applied on the decorative outer case and on the main insert's framing. Gentle strokes of blush colour together with a complementary blush bow and an aristocratic brooch bring the unique flair of tenderness to this luxury card.

Invitation Card Dimensions: 16.7 x 16.7 cm

Kindly e-mail us your wording after the order is placed. Our talented designer will work with you to create an electron proof - any adjustments can be requested., 

All of our styles have been carefully chosen to create balanced and unique designs. 

Polina Perri designers offer 14 beautiful font styles to be applied to your wording. 








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