Sample of Roses Velvet & Glass Burgundy

Sample of Roses Velvet & Glass Burgundy

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Sample of Roses Velvet & Glass Burgundy Wedding Invitations

These creative and stylish glass wedding invitations adorned with a gentle roses tracery captivate at a first sight. The mesmerizing metallic shine of the gold foil is delicately accentuated with a rich burgundy color of the velvet envelope. Gold wax seal and golden string that ties the envelope accomplish the invitation kit.  

Invitation Card Dimensions:  12.6 x 17.8 cm / 4.9 x 7.0 inch (w x h),  Density of Acrylic Glass - 2mm


  • Invitation
  • Velvet Envelope
  • Printing with Foil
  • Wax Seal with String
  • Assembling

Kindly e-mail us your wording after the order is placed. Our talented designer will work with you to create an electron proof - any adjustments can be requested., 

All of our styles have been carefully chosen to create balanced and unique designs. 

Polina Perri designers offer 8 beautiful font styles to be applied to your wording. 





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