Aditional Inserts

Posted by Polina Perri on 24th Sep 2017

Get your wedding organized - additional inserts


With modern weddings having scenarios of all sorts (this may include a destination wedding, a countryside ceremony and other intriguing happenings, sometimes combined) it becomes crucial to keep your guests informed about all unexpected turns of your big day. Obviously, the more charged and varied your wedding day is, the more detailed the guest information should be. You won't fit all this into your wedding invitation (and you are not meant to). So, what's the solution?

Polina Perri design studio proposes to make it simple and clear: opt for additional inserts. We offer an additional insert service - you may order as many cards as you need.

An additional insert is the same card as the main insert used for the wedding invitation wording.  It has the same colour, texture, size and, besides the fact that it will perfectly fit in the pocket of your invite, it gives your wedding invitation extra advantage of the style congruity.

Additional inserts may be used for the following info blocks: 

1. Accommodation/Hotel information - the first piece of information that deserves a separate card. It may include hotel options (nearest to your wedding location)/guest houses/villas.  If the hotel offers you a wedding discount, remember to mention it in your info card (explicate the steps to receive it). Give a clear explanation of the booking process (whether rooms are already pre-booked or you out-of-town guests should do it by themselves). In other words, be detailed and precise.



2. Travel information - your destination wedding won't do without such additional insert (the airports, airline companies, the most convenient flights to be booked, local car services, bus to get from airport/railway station to hotel  - comply everything/put that details together). But even if you stay at home to make a backyard wedding, and have a couple of foreign guests invited - show your thought for them and provide them with this useful travel info set! 



3. Directions/Map - you have chosen a venue/church/chapel/location unknown to your friends  - make sure you explain how to get there! The best way is to print a little map with explanatory note on an additional insert. Make it simple and understandable - and getting to your wedding won't become a puzzle for those invited.



4. Wedding menu choice - the menu choice is often provided in RSVP card, but if you want to agree literally each course with your guests, instead of calling them -  let them "tick" the necessary box on the additional wedding menu card.  It looks very organized and thoughtfully when placed on a separate insert, and you'll get the data to discuss with your catering service. 



5. Gift info - it goes without saying (or at least wedding etiquette experts believe so) that any gift information shall not be placed on the main invitation. It is considered to be the biggest failure that may happen to your wedding invitations! How to tackle this delicate matter - try to address it on the additional insert.  A direct message or a rhymed verse - it's up to you, but gift card gives you an opportunity to speak about your preferences (money or gift) without violating any etiquette rules. 



6. A romantic poem  -  besides its obvious informational purpose, an additional insert can become a source of aesthetic pleasure. Imagine a touching romantic poem printed in elegant calligraphy.  It will be a printed cchef-d'oeuvrethat combines the beauty of writing with a deep emotional value of the poem, revealing inner "you", sharing your dear feelings. Believe us,  it is so moving and makes your guests feel the special involvement in your big day. Treat them with refined poetry!