Wedding Invitation Kits UK

Posted by polina perri on 15th Feb 2014

Wedding invitation kits - all-in-one wedding solution.Your perfect wedding starts with an immaculate invitation card. We expect the ideal wedding invitation to be not only elegant and chic, but convenient and informative as well. Polina Perri design studio presents our signature wedding invitation kits that answer both purposes - Virginia wedding invitation kits.

Each component of the Virginia kit is carefully thought-over to address the particular aspect, yet the Virginia design is maintained throughout the whole kit so that together all details make a unique whole.

Our wedding invitation kits comprise the following components:

  • pocketfold invitaion;
  • insert for main wording;
  • RSVP card with its envelope;
  • additional insert;
  • invitation envelope;
  • wedding invitation box.


  1. A pocketfold invitation is a foldout case designed in the shape of envelope: its central part provides a place for a main wording insert, fixed with the help of two semi-circular holders. The lower part features a "pocket" to put RSVP card and an additional insert/s (if necessary). The triangular upper part (a flap) of the pocketfold invitation serves as a decorative element - it's front side is embellished with ivory satin ribbon and topped with a rhinestone brooch.
  2. An insert for main wording is the principal conceptual part of your invitation - the essence of what the wedding invitation is actually created for. The inviting party, the guests' names, the bride and groom's names, the time and date of the wedding ceremony, the venue address and sometimes even RSVP details - all this information is captured on the main insert. The main insert is made of the dense pearlescent paper with embossed decorative bordering.
  3. A folded RSVP card with its envelope - the reply card designed to give your invitee a possibility to accept/decline your invitation and specify some significant details of their attendance, such as, for example, special dietary requirements, the number of persons to be present. An RSVP envelope may be provided with the printed back address of the hosting party to facilitate the response process.
  4. An additional insert is basically the same card as the main insert - you may use it if you need to put additional important information concerning your wedding (i.e. accommodation, transport info, directions and map, wedding menu choice, etc.) In other words, if you want to make available to your guests any relevant piece of information - opt for additional insert/inserts. It will be convenient for your guest to find all additional inserts in one place (in a pocket together with RSVP card). The handy design of the pocketfold invitation makes the risk of losing them minimal. Besides, additional inserts keep the Virginia style integrity.
  5. An invitation envelope is made of the ivory paper with shimmery finish that matches the style of the wedding invitation kit; its size allows for the dimensions of the pocketfold invitation with RSVP card and inserts inside. We provide a service of main envelope printing - print your guests' addresses instead of handwriting.
  6. There is a trendy option you may choose instead of an invitation envelope - a wedding invitation box. Our studio now offers a new customization service for wedding invitation boxes - printed box band: put your wedding monogram, bride and groom initials and/or names and you have your individual box! The box band creates an extra-refined and complete look of your boxed wedding cards and makes them exclusive.


You may opt for another special offer - add a translucent tissue paper into the box to wrap the invitation - this small detail gives a final touch to the boxed invite. This semi-transparent veil hides a surprise your guest would certainly want to reveal.


Virginia unique wedding invitation kits leave a lasting impression on your guests and are a useful tool of organizing the wedding. Wedding planning is a success when all participants feel special attitude and care, Polina Perri boasts a top-notch product that helps to accomplish this challenging task.